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Make into Rain Barrels, Compost Tumblers, Food/Water Storage, Animal Feeders, Dock Floats, Corn Pellets/Kindling, Outdoor/Garage Storage, Shipping Overseas, Catering Tent Ballasts, Recycling Bins, Job Site Water, Hydroponics Reservoir, Aquaponics, Prepper Projects, Dog Houses, Water Filter System, Sidewalk, Salt Storage, Bulk Grains/Corn, 101 more uses!

63 Gallon Pickle Barrel - Black    $25 Each
Once used for shipping Cucumbers in Vinegar Brine

Black Opaque Color deters algae
HDPE #2 Food Grade Plastic, BPA Free!
Screw on/off top with O-Ring Seal, similar to a canning jar!
Approx 23"W x 41"T, Approx 16" Diameter Mouth
Weighs approx 18 lbs with lid on
Body is UV Resistant and lasts for decades

May require additional cleaning depending on your use
Some pickle odor will remain permeated in the plastic but is reduced by washing and airing out in the sun or through regular use

Washes easily with just a garden hose and a rag with some 10% bleach/water, Vinegar,  or Baking Soda.